About Me

I’m a mid-thirty-something millennial mom and marketing director.

I love brand strategy and specialize in the recruitment journey. Some days I feel like a marketing generalist, other days like a badass leader, and occasionally like I’m the conductor of the hot mess express.

My future is far from figured out – in fact, it seems to be unraveling at a rapid pace. But I’m not sure I was cut out for the straight and narrow path. I’m all or nothing and need something to work hard at and fight for. Thankfully, life seems to throw me a shit-ton of curveballs – smack in the face. So, just like the rest of you, I gracefully adapt,  move forward, and focus on the gift of perspective.

My first blog was titled ‘Don’t sell yourself short.’ At the time, I was 23 and thought I had my life figured out. Now, 10 (ish) years later, my mantra is ‘dont figure yourself out (so young)’ – cause, spoiler alert – you are going to 12573675_10207705036676773_1996151444555291470_nchange.” I encourage young women every day to focus on themselves in their 20’s – life is amazingly short, but far too long to be anything but true to yourself.  If you want inspiration or graceful normalcy – look elsewhere. If you want sometimes mad, often questionable decision-making, and yet purposeful rants – stay right here. You might find what you are looking for once a year. When I write.


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