Wanderlust or Wanderlost?

I’m good at pouring my heart and soul into a few things at once. Typically, two. For the past year, it’s been my boys and my career. Other important aspects of life have been back-burnered to probably unacceptable (to most), but sometimes, you just have to embrace the shit, and stop caring.

I have a lot of flaws, but two of my greatest, are quickly becoming more apparent. First, I am passionately curious, about everything and everyone. As I mentioned, great attribute in business (to the extent productivity isn’t harmed), maybe an ‘exciting’ attribute to bring to a relationship, but more often than not, a downright tumultuous trait to successfully manage at the personal level.  Second, I’ve been known to be stubborn and intense (see what I did there, I made two issues merge into one).

Curious, stubborn and intense. At times, a completely charming and magical combination. To my advantage, this package of flaws can easily translate into captivating (albeit lonely) evenings, lost in my own head, envisioning a multitude of scenarios, unwilling to tackle what I need to do because I’m not fucking ready to do it. In the hours I’ve spent driving (probably away from something I don’t know), singing to my hearts desire, or writing the novel I will publish by 40, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the path I’m supposed to be on. I have real issues. Real concerns to tackle, but it’s because of all, that I’m able to make the impact I do.

Someone recently said to me – “you have been on a plane. For years. There are times you’ve been in first class (like twice). Times you’ve been in row 38 (like 646,452) and there have been times that plan is going to fucking implode (like 6 times). But you. You of all people, won’t let that plane crash, and he was damn right.

I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t expect it to be destination ‘always happy’ or ‘always fulfilled’ but I expect so many moments of those two to allow me to coast in the path of least resistance.

To all 19 offerers, wanting to purchase my URL and site, I’m sorry – but it’s not for sale. I may not post anything for another year – but I’ve got big plans.


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